From the awesome folks at CloudEntr:

Ah passwords, humans have been using them to safeguard secret information since ancient times. From protecting critical missions to guarding hidden treasure, there’s something magical about a password’s ability to lock out intruders and open secret doors.

Today, modern man is still using passwords to safeguard information and protect treasures locked away in various online accounts. To unlock our top 10 password facts, read on, no password required.

The Birth of the Modern Password

What’s the Password?

What’s YourPassword Worth? Possibly 20 Years in Prison.

What’s Your Number?

Go Long! (As In Over 13 Characters)

Your Mind May Not Know the Password, But Your Muscles Do.

True Love = A Password Shout-Out.

Kicking Hacker’s Top 5 Nasty Habits

Facts: Hackers Wear Many Hats.

Sometimes It’s NOT Good to Share.

Who’s Got the Toughest Password?